About Shahaed

And Some Polaroids

I am a recent engineering grad who likes to code and build software that impacts people. I also like outreach and human engagement. And Iā€™m a formally trained scientist.

My Education

I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2018 with undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and minors in Computer Science and Mathematics.

My Interests

My background is in life and health sciences. So I love working on tech that innovates these fields! I also like collaborating on projects with other devs and contributing to anything open source.

In addition, I love reading and talking science! I host a weekly radio show where we bring on guests to elucidate a new topic with the goal to increase scientific literacy.

And I'm an avid snowboarder šŸ‚. When there isn't snow a longboard usually suffices.

My Tech Skills


  • TypeScript
  • Java  
  • Python  
  • SQL  
    • MySQL
    • PL/PgSQL
  • Javascript  
  • Web      
  • Bash Scripting  
  • C/C++  

Technologies & Frameworks

  • Node.js  
    • Express
    • Socket.io
  • Cloud Services  
    • AWS  
    • Firebase & GCP  
  • Django
  • Docker  
  • Jenkins CI  
  • Git  


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